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The same power, the same sound, the same lifetime warranty for your 992 GT3 or GT3RS, at a discounted price!   *photos may vary based on usage*      


1. Eliminates the OPF 

2. No Check Engine Lights, and no tuning required 

3. 992 GT3RS Stock - 474whp, 992 GT3 with Street Headers is 495whp (so far)…

4. Weight savings over stock:

  1. 321 Stainless Steel Muffler version: 10lbs lighter than stock
  2. Titanium Muffler: 25lbs lighter than stock
  3. Inconel 625 Mini Crack Pipe: 29lbs lighter than stock

5. Complete bolt-on system Including 

     a. Dundon Tuned Length 321 Stainless Headers 

     b. Advanced High Flow Cats 

     c. Electronic Valves retained for comfortable cruising and that signature Dundon sound when you want it! 

     d. Lifetime Loud Muffler in 321 Stainless Steel or Titanium or Inconel 625 Mini Crack Pipe, 991.2 GT3 Brackets, Mounting straps and bolts. 

     e. PVD Black or Titanium Tips (only available on 321SS mufflers) 


See videos below to hear how awesome this system sounds!