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Your new 992 GT3 is an amazing car, but we feel it's lacking in the sound department! Improve the sound of your 992 GT3 Exhaust with Dundon Motorsports' Cat-Back Exhaust System!  No CEL, no codes, no lights, just that great Dundon Sound!   Photographs are illustrative only, production parts will look different.


The 992 GT3 and 991.2 Speedster mark a drastic departure in exhaust configuration when compared with the last 15+ years of 911 GT3. Gone are the large side mufflers and nearly universal center muffler. The 992 platform has a gigantic and complicated center muffler that has the electronic valves built in. 


To find the best combination of weight, sound and performance is an incredibly subjective thing. With that in mind, we have created a modular system that includes the following:

-OPF Adapters (cone-shaped pieces with v-band attachment).

-Valve Sections (these look like the 997/991 valve sections, but accept the OE Electronic Valve Actuator, so your valves will operate just like stock).

-Muffler Replacement (many options to choose from, this will have the biggest impact on volume, drone, and tone).




With options for every driver, Dundon has the system for you! Everything from reliable, bomb-proof 321 Stainless Steel muffler, or our sublime Titanium Ultralight muffler to the insane Inconel 625 mini-crack pipe, you can pick the perfect pairing for your needs. 


These systems will be compatible with our forthcoming header system. Yes, you read that correctly: buy the cat-back, and you can add Dundon Headers later!