GT2RS "Inconhell" Race Exhaust



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The GT2RS is a beast born to dominate the Green Hell (Nurburgring), and while fast, is lacking a bit of emotion. We sought out to fix that with our Inconhell Race Exhaust. Enjoy the crackles, whistles and flames this system accentuates!

  • 100% Inconel 625 Race Exhaust, designed for strength, light weight and maximum reduction in flow restrictions.  
  • Less than 7lbs, stock is about 37lbs so weight reduction of 30lbs over stock
  • Integral Inconel Exhaust Tips, let the natural inconel color changes show your friends how much you drive your GT2RS!
  • Faster Spool, boost comes on 300-400rpm sooner, for maximum HP gains we recommend a Cobb AP with M-Engineering Custom Tune.
  • As the catalyst is eliminated, a Check Engine Light can occur an O2 spacer can help but the best method is a Cobb Accessport and M-Engineering Pro Tune