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I have done a couple track days so far and car is definitely faster, I feel the power and torque mainly in the mid range, sounds great too. read more

Alex, Australia
GT4 Race Headers

991.1/991.2 GT3RS Power Package - 52lbft and 45whp gains


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When testing the 991.2 GT3RS we quickly identified an inefficiency in the intake system. A few things to note:

1. The Car is 520hp from the factory
2. The Airfilter box is from a 991.1 Carrera S
3. The Throttle Body is 82mm, the same it's been since the 996 GT3
4. Neither the 996 GT3 nor the Carrera S are 520hp...

Further the 991.1 and 991.2 RS are designed with side intake scoops to "Ram" air into the intake tract and center plenum. So any restriction or "friction" in this path will prevent the car from reaching it's full power potential.

Here's the Dundon 991.2 GT3RS Street Power Package:
(and Thanks Alekshop in NorCal for the picture!)
1. Dundon Catted Street Headers (Race Headers can also be used, but a Lifetime muffler or Crack Pipe is required)
2. Dundon Dual Reverse Cone Airbox
3. Dundon Wide Mouth Center Plenum
4. 93mm Throttle Body and Adapter Harness

5. Optional Lifetime Muffler

Thanks Alekshop for the nice photo!

Here's the result on our dyno with a 991.2 GT3RS, keeping in mind that the benefit of the parts is when the car is moving! Peak Gains are about 25-28whp, 52lbft max gains (at 4200rpm) and 45whp max gains at 8500rpm (where you need it!)

Bottom is Stock, Middle is Street Headers, Top is Complete Power Package

We have both 991.1 RS and 991.2 RS installed with no CEL issues.

Dundon Street Headers: $7295
Dundon Dual Reverse Cone Airbox: $4795
Dundon Center Plenum and 93mm TB: $3195

$15285.00 less the package discount = $14368.00

Lifetime Muffler is recomended for those seeing extended track time as the 3" flow path helps get a bit more power and keep the system cooler, sounds fantastic as well!

This is comparable to other companies complete exhaust systems that don't give anywhere near this level of performance...


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