991.1/991.2 GT3, GT3RS, 911R, Cup,



So here is my final review about these Dundon headers: - First of all, these headers are beautiful.... they look so good that I just want to hang them on my wall. A quality product! Comes packaged nicely with a set of K&N filters. - Install by the shop was smooth like a breeze, no fitment issues at all. Took around 2... read more

Kareem, Bahrain
GT4 Race Headers

991 Inconel Megaphone Center Muffler Delete


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625 Inconel Megaphone Center Muffler Delete


For those wanting the most power, lightest weight (5.5 lbs) and loudest cleanest RSR sound, this is your drug...

We affectionately nicknamed this part the "Crack" Pipe as you'd have to be on drugs to run this on a street car, once we tried it, maybe not so crazy...  


  • The Exhaust Valves are removed, so it will always be loud
  • There are RPM's you can drive the car and it's not droning or booming, but it can happen depending on load and RPM
  • You will never pass sound restrictions at your local race track if it's dB restricted...


When run in Combo with our Race headers, total weight savings is upwards of 60lbs over stock.





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