Dundon Motorsports Minute: My GT3 Has a Rattle, Are My Cats Bad?

Concerned about a rattling sound coming from your exhaust? Jake is here to help.



The only sound better than a Porsche is the sound of a Porsche that’s earned its racing stripes. That’s why we’ve designed the Crack Pipe — the ultimate, unbridled expression of Porsche’s Motorsport DNA (with a little help from Dundon Motorsports). If you want to seriously turn heads at the track when you fly by, this is the one for you. Fair warning — with no valves or mufflers, you’ll have a constant RSR scream that is LOUD. So we wouldn’t suggest taking grandma for a spin.

The Crack Pipe is Our Most Aggressive Exhaust!  

  • Fabricated with Inconel 625
  • Megaphones for enhanced wave strength (more power)
  • Full 3.5" X Pipe merge

Not for the faint of heart, this is LOUD, screams like an RSR at full throttle. There are countless videos on our social media pages (@dundon_motorsports on Instagram and Dundon Motorsports on YouTube!) showcasing the power and sound this exhaust can make. It never fails to put a smile on our customers' faces, and even elicits some trademarked Dundon Giggles.

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