Dundon Motorsports Minute: Bent Headers?

Refer to the video below if you received headers in the mail from Dundon that appear to be bent.


Video Transcript:

Welcome to the Dundon Motorsports Minute. This one's brought to you by a lot of questions we get on the headers coming bent or not fitting correctly out of the box, and that often is due to shipping. We try our best but they will move around and that is normal. You will get some movement on the slip fit to the collector; that's normal. So if you get one that came bunched up because things sat on it or a UPS guy dropped it and it shows up looking like this, it is not bent, it is totally fine to grab these and move them around.

Now we know that they're going to fit because we have test blocks here that we get them onto to make sure they're 100 before we ship them to you. In the extreme case that they are in fact bent let us know but that has not been the case I think a single time as of yet. You just need to move those around and that's not gonna hurt anything and he's gonna settle in once the car heats up and runs.

So go ahead and fit those bad boys, it can be a little bit challenging, sometimes I fit them up here and I wish I had another hand because you'll get one or two on and the other one wants to move, but it is doable, and we guarantee they'll fit. That's your Dundon Motorsports Minute.

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