How to Refill Coolant Liquid

Refer to the video below on how to refill your GT3 or GT4 coolant levels to get you back out on the track, or the street!


Written Guide

If the coolant in your vehicle is low, you will know about it. With newer model cars, it’s going to spike your temperature gauges and fully pin the needle. Sometimes when the car is doing that, you’re not necessarily too hot, but always shut the car down immediately and let it cool down before proceeding.

After the car has cooled down, the coolant will be on the left side. For GT4 models, you will see the red ball valve inside the pipe. We want to bring that float valve up until it’s even with the max, which is the upper portion.

For GT3 models, it will be different. Instead of the red ball floating up and down indicating our level, it will tilt and swing from side to side. What you will see on the inside is a min and max label. If you are tilted towards min, you will need to add some until it becomes tilted towards the middle. It is important to not overfill it, adding a little bit at a time to keep it balanced. Always make sure to use the Porsche factory coolant.

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