Dundon Motorsports Minute: Tire Pressure

efer to the video below on how to properly adjust and read your tire pressure for the best performance out of your Porsche.


Written Guide:

Today we’re going to help you get the most out of your Porsche using a tire pressure gauge. There are all kinds of tire pressure gauges, but the most important thing is that it is calibrated properly, and you know the difference between actual pressure and calibrated pressure. Starting at the beginning of your track day, the specific tire pressure will depend on what car you’re driving, what tires you have, along with many other factors.

Try to get your tire pressure to match your manufacturer’s recommendations when the tire is hot. Your tires are naturally going to grow as you drive aggressively on them, so you will need to drop some air out of the tires before going on to the track. We usually start with a couple PSI if you’re a new driver but can go up to 10 PSI with an experienced driver. You’ll want to check after every session to see where you’re at. 

It is very important to use caution during your first session to warm up methodically and gradually when your tires are cold. Check your tire pressure as quickly as you can after finishing the session, going all the way around the car and making notes to ensure your pressures are ideal.

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