992 GT3 Dual Dive Plane Installation Instructions

992 GT3 Dual Dive Plane Installation Instructions
1. Print templates to 100% Scale. These are reversible for use on both sides of the car. They are designed to print on 8.5 x 11" paper so you can do it at home.

2. Cut out dive plane template sections.

3. Clean area on car where dive planes are going to be placed. Something that is paint-safe and will clean all contaminants from the surface. Rubbing alcohol works well here. We want to remove all waxes, ant- stick coatings etc. Some solvents also work well, use these at your own risk.
4.Tape dive plane template onto car as shown below.

5.Once templates are on and the car is prepped for placement of dive planes, these are ready to install onto the car. The template is an estimation of the edge of the dive plane, there is a little bit of wiggle room in terms of where the dive plane can go, place on car before removing tape to ensure this is the location where the fitment is the best (lower dive plane has different contours to tape to and is more complex).

6. Install the dive planes onto the car, pressing firmly and ensuring the double back VHB tape is well adhered to the car.
7. Enjoy!
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