991 GT3RS Rear Wing Instructions


1. REMOVE rear OEM wing.

2. REMOVE rear OEM wing uprights (save M6 bolts for later).

3. REMOVE cooling fans.

REMOVE	cooling	fans

4. REMOVE right trim cover.

5. REMOVE oil cap and coolant cap and cover.

REMOVE	oil	cap	and	coolant	cap	and	cover

6. REMOVE both tail lights.

7. REMOVE 3 T30 head screws holding bumper to rear carbon engine cover plate.

8. Unplug right main Carbon support plug.

9. REMOVE rubber stops covering main bolts.

10.  REMOVE 4 T45 Head Bolts holding Carbon support to body Carefully lift up and away from body to remove the carbon support.
!!!Be careful not to damage or break the alignment pins on the bottom side of carbon support.

11. INSTALL left and right lower lock support mounts. Install stud through the hole in the body, Install M6 washer and M6 lock nut. Thread the nut on but leave just slightly loose to allow for adjustment. Tighten nut until the mount stops moving, then back off 1/4-1/2 turn.

12. REMOVE top bushing from Carbon Support with Removal tool Install with bolt and nut and tighten nut to press the bushing out. Set bushing aside with OEM hardware as this will not be used with the wing kit.

13. INSTALL carbon support back onto car. Make sure the alignment pins are in place and the bumper is slotted back into the cover. Also make sure the cover is aligned correctly with the oil and coolant fill location.

14. Thread in T45 head carbon support bolts. Leave the top back 2 (towards the front of the car) leave these bolts 1/4-1/2 turn loose. Install and torque rear bolts.

BEFORE INSTALLING rear wing uprights on the decklid. CLEAN DECKLID SURFACE!!! Wipe clean all debris, dirt, moisture.

15. INSTALL new wing uprights onto decklid. USE OEM M6 torx flat head bolts and thread them in evenly to allow the upright to seat flush with the decklid. Once flush, torque bolts to 7lb ft.

16. Carefully close decklid and make sure the uprights do not hit the lower lock mounts. Move and position the lower lock mounts to clear the decklid, then close the decklid until it latches.

***IF the decklid WILL NOT latch because the uprights are hitting the lower lock mounts, remove lower lock mounts, remove the side plastic stops and install the second supplied set in the hardware kit. These other mounts are shorter and are supplied for vehicle difference in build and assembly.

17. Once decklid is closed and lock mounts are positioned and the lock in hole is aligned, install Clevis pin and R clip through the holes. SNUG the lower M6 lock nuts to hold the lock mounts into place.

18. Remove Clevis pins.

19. Open Decklid.

20. Tighten upper T45 head torx screws.

21. Close decklid.

22. Re Verify lock pin alignment and location.

23. Loosen M6 nuts if needed and T45 as needed and continue to adjust until the Clevis pins can be installed and removed easily on their own.

24. Once complete, Finish assembly of rear of vehicle back together.

The Clevis pins are supplied with R clips for temporary use AND Locking Clips for use when driving the car. It is best to remove the Clevis pins BEFORE pulling the decklid release button, however they can still be removed after the decklid was released.

25. With Decklid closed and lock plates and uprights aligned, Install Wing with supplied hardware. For WING ONLY, it is best to start around 4-5* For FULL AERO KIT it is best to start around 8*.

27. Install End plates, and align the top of plate to be level with the ground.


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