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The Long Awaited Dundon GT4RS Muffler:  Great flat-6 wail, no drone and big power! Have your cake, and eat it, too!


Great Sound, and Great Power without drone!


We have spent the last TWO YEARS building, testing, iterating and improving this design. Now it's finally ready.


Currently only works with Dundon GT4RS Street Headers.


Using the latest technology in additive manufacturing, made from 347SS 3D-printed internals, this design keeps the “valve-open” pathways as short as possible, but still merges the waveforms of both banks for the great flat six symphony we're all wanting.  


Nice and quiet when you want it to be, the right kind of flat six scream when you ask for it!

Choice of tips: OEM Weissach Tips, Dundon Polished "935-style" tips, Dundon Polished "Megaphone-style" tips in 3D-printed 316 Stainless Steel!


Makes 32whp at 8000rpm and 37lbft at 4500rpm in  additional power over the car stock when combined with GT4RS street header and through axle package!

Dyno above shows our GT4RS STOCK versus the full Street Header + V11 Muffler Package.