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The most powerful header system you can buy for your GT4RS!  Our tuned length manifolds and 3" catted "wave pipes" connect to the stock muffler for big improvements in sound and performance!  20whp gains with the stock muffler(more than 32 when combined with our V11 Muffler!).  Great torque gains alone but paired with our V11 muffler get even more gains!


Built to maximize performance and give your GT4RS an exhaust note to match it's stirring intake sound, our Street Header package is the one you have been waiting for!


The GT4RS is very sensitive to exhaust length, and we have invested a lot of effort into ensuring our system was designed to sound great AND deliver the performance you expect from us. With gains of 20hp and 33ft-lb of torque at the wheels, we have achieved those goals.


Constructed from 321 Stainless Steel for perfect fitment and extended durability, this exhaust will keep you smiling for years to come.


We are looking forward to even more performance and sound improvements from our forthcoming muffler for the GT4/RS platform!