Cobb Accessport Install and Use Guide

Basic guidance on how to install your Cobb Accessport, log data and how to get your Pro Tune on your GT car.

Most of this is adapted directly from Cobb. Here are some helpful links:

Porsche Accessport Support

Accessport V3 User Manual

Begin by connecting your car to a battery charger. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! 

-You can “brick” your ECU if the battery dies while uploading a tune.

Taken directly from Cobb’s Quick Start Guide:

Install the Accessport on to your Car

When  you  first  install  the  Accessport  by  selecting  Install  from  the  main  menu,  the  Accessport  will  recognize  your  vehicle,  save  your  factory  ECU  data, load the proper maps from the background memory, and then flash your vehicle’s ECU with the map you select. This process ties (“marries”) the Accessport  to  your  vehicle  and  it  will  remain  this  way  until  you  uninstall  the  Accessport  from  the  vehicle.  An  Accessport  can  only  be  used  on  one  vehicle at a time.

If you have ordered a Pro Tune from Dundon, please keep in mind that your Pro Tune is NOT pre-loaded onto your Accessport. Please follow the steps below to receive your tune file.

Once the Accessport has been successfully installed, on the main screen of the device there is a “?” icon - About This Accessport. The screen should look like this:

Once there, move to the next screen with the direction keys. This screen will tell us the “Software Version” of the ECU. 

Once you have determined the Software Version, please send an email to with the following:

First and Last Name:

Order Number (for Cobb and/or Pro Tune):

Year, Make, Model:

Any applicable modifications:

Software Version:

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response (often the response time will be quicker, but some tunes will need to be built) and we will send an initial tune file to work from. 

Once you receive the tune file, transfer the file to the Accessport via Cobb’s Accessport Manager software (download found here). Please reference the links at the top of this article for guidance on how to accomplish this.  

Data Logging and Revisions

As part of our Pro Tune service we offer a revision for your specific car and your specific climate. If you wish to take part in this, please log some driving data and send them to us by way of a reply to your original email request (that helps us keep track of things).

To log the data follow these instructions (see required parameters below):

Typically a 15-30 minute drive throughout the rev range with a couple of good 2nd and 3rd gear pulls to redline will provide us with everything needed to optimize your tune (again, please log all parameters). Once we receive the data log, we will turn the revision around in 24-48 hours and the installation process is the same as your initial file.

Required Logging Parameters (car specific)

718 GT4

AFR Bank 1
AFR Bank 2
AP Info
Accel Pedal
Coolant Temp
Delta Timing from Continuous Knock
ETC Angle
Exhaust Cam Position Bank 1
Exhaust Cam Position Bank 2
Exhaust Cam Set Point
Gear Current
Ignition Timing
Ignition Timing Final Cylinder 1
Intake Cam Position Bank 1
Intake Cam Position Bank 2
Intake Cam Set Point
Knock Retard
Load Actual
Maximum Filling
Rail Pressure Actual
Rail Pressure Set Point
Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1
Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 2
Target Filling
Timing Retard Cylinder 1
Timing Retard Cylinder 2
Timing Retard Cylinder 3
Timing Retard Cylinder 4
Timing Retard Cylinder 5
Timing Retard Cylinder 6
Vehicle Speed


991 GT3/GT3RS:

AFR Commanded
Accelerator pedal position
Boost Pressure
Cam angle B1
Cam Angle B2
Cam angle set point
Coolant temp
ETC Target
ETC Actual
Engine Temp
Current Gear
Ignition Timing Final
Knock Retard CYL1
Knock Retard CYL2
Knock Retard CYL3
Knock Retard CYL4
Knock Retard CYL5
Knock Retard CYL6
Load Actual
Long term fuel trim b1
Long term fuel trim b2
Oil temp motor
Relative manifold pressure
Short term fuel trim b1
Short term fuel trim b2
Target boost pressure
Target filling
Vehicle speed


997.1 & 997.2 GT3/RS

Actual Camshaft angle 1A
Actual Camshaft angle 1B
Actual Camshaft angle 2A
Actual Camshaft angle 2B
Battery Voltage
Catalytic converter temp
Coordinated Torque for cylinder filling
EGT upstream of Cat
Engine oil temp
Engine RPM
Engine Temp
Ignition Angle (actual)
Ignition set point for Torque intervention
Injection Time
Intake Air Temp
Knock CYL1
Knock CYL2
Knock CYL3
Knock CYL4
Knock CYL5
Knock CYL6
Lambda B1
Lambda B2
Load (relative)
Load RLP
Long term Fuel Trim B1
Long term Fuel Trim B2
Nominal throttle angle
Short term Fuel Trim B1
Short term Fuel Trim B2
Target Camshaft Angle B1
Target Camshaft Angle B2
Throttle Angle
Vehicle speed


981 GT4 & 991 C2S

Engine Load
Engine Oil Temp
Engine Speed
Engine Temp (actual)
Exhaust Gas temp 1
Exhaust Gas temp 2
Fuel Pressure actual
Fuel Pressure Target
Ignition Timing
Ignition Timing Correction CYL1
Ignition Timing Correction CYL2
Ignition Timing Correction CYL3
Ignition Timing Correction CYL4
Ignition Timing Correction CYL5
Ignition Timing Correction CYL6
Injector Fuel Flow
Intake Air Temp
Intake Cam (target)
Intake Cam 1 Actual
Intake Cam 2 Actual
Lambda B1
Lambda B2
Large Lift Request
Long Term Fuel Trim 1
Long Term Fuel Trim 2
Map Actual
Map Target
Oil Pressure actual
Pedal Position
Predicted air mass
Short Term Fuel Trim B1
Short Term Fuel Trim B2
Throttle actual
Throttle target
Vehicle speed


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