997 GT3 Resonance Intake Manifold Instructions Video

Refer to the video below for a comprehensive install video of the Dundon 997 Resonance Intake Manifold:

*997.2 Secondary Air instructions pending. Please call 253.200.4454 or email sales@dundonmotorsports.com for further information.

Dundon 997 Resonance Intake Manifold

Do you want more power for your Porsche? The Dundon 997 Resonance Intake Manifold is the perfect way to add some extra horsepower to your car. Our intake manifold will increase engine performance and give you a smoother, quicker acceleration. It's also designed with a larger throttle body that helps lower resistance while still maintaining the same air flow. 

On our 3.8L test car we increased the power from 400whp with race headers alone to 440whp with race headers.

We recommend a high quality header (like our race or catted header) that moves peak power to 8300-8500rpm

 From our Blog post:

While the 997 platform is well-established, we are excited to share a new product that is the result of years of work. We are employing an old concept to breathe new life into this beloved platform. Chrysler explored the use of this technique way back in the 1960’s: Resonance Charging. Factory Porsche 996 & 997 GT3’s use “third order” resonance. At a basic level, this means the pressure wave travels the intake runner three times before the intake valve opens. After carefully dissecting all of the variables, we were able to develop a second order resonance intake manifold. By harnessing the pressure wave on its second “bounce” instead of the third, we preserve more pressure, and get that into the cylinder to make more power!

* Fueling and ignition MUST be tuned with this part.

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