991 GT3 Wing Installation Guide

This document contains information regarding the removal and installation of the 991 GT3 Rear Wing.

Created by: Anthony Butay                                                                          date: 03/26/2020

Edited by: Eric Rosu                                                                                      date: 07/20/2020

Tools Required

1. ¼” ratchet
2. 3” ¼” extension
3. 5mm hex bit ¼” drive
4. T40 Torx ¼” drive
5. ¼” drive torque wrench
6. Plastic knife
7. 90* pick
8. Plastic clip removal tool
9. 2.5mm hex bit or Allen Wrench
10. T20 Torx Bit ¼” drive (991.2 only)

Wing Removal and Installation

1.  Open rear decklid, disconnect spoiler light, you need a pick and plastic clip removal tool. Push
the tab on the connector to slide the plastic clip off. Then remove the second wire retainer to
have the spoiler light wire loose.

a. 991.1 connector is accessible through fan vents.

b.  991.2 remove carbon panel that is attached to decklid, then the connector is accessible and can be unplugged

2.  Remove rubber plugs on the inner edge of the spoiler uprights and remove bolts. (2 people for this step and the next is more convenient, but not necessary).

3.  Carefully life up spoiler straight up off of the decklid. Set the spoiler somewhere safe so it doesn't get scratched.

4.  Plug in the resistor plug included in the kit and re-attach to deklid with plastic clip.

a.  991.1 - you are finished here and can move on to installing the new Verus wing

b.  991.2 - after connector is reattached to decklid, re-install carbon panel to decklid

5.  Grab the aluminum upright extensions and bolt to decklid using the factory screws. Make them hand-tight for now. Notice that there is some adjustment on the upright to decklid attachment. We will adjust this once the wing is attached to the uprights.

6.  Grab the Verus wing and attach it to the aluminum uprights that are now mounted to the decklid. A washer is required under the hex bolts. Start the 2 front bolts on each side of the wing. With the rear bolts, notice that there are 7 different adjustment points, this is to adjust the angle of attack which affects the amount of downforce the wing will produce. We recommend starting at adjustment 3. From here, you can drive the car, determine what is best for your driving style and adjust it with more or less downforce.

7.  The wing should now be mounted on the car with all bolts hand-tight. We will adjust the gap to the OEM decklid. Starting with one side, slide the wing up and down where it attaches to the OEM decklid. If the bolts are too tight, loosen them a bit. Slide the mount down to minimize the gap to the OEM decklid. Snug them up so the mount does not move. Repeat this on the other side of the wing. Once fitment is completed, torque T40 screws to OEM decklid to 22 Nm. Re-install rubber plugs that cover these bolts.

8.  Torque the 6mm bolts (5mm hex bit) that attach to wing to 110 Deci-Nm.

9.  Final step is to attach the wing endplates. Take the aluminum washers, install the gaskets inside of the washers and scew the end plates on as pictured below. Notice there is some adjustment on the wing end plates. the end plates need to be adjusted based on the wing angle. The ideal orientation for these is to keep the end plate parallel with the ground. The reasoning for keeping the end plates parallel with the ground is to keep the wing at the highest efficiency.




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