[VIDEO] 718 GT4 "Crack Pretzel" Installation Guide

Refer to the video below for our comprehensive installation guide on our Megaphone Inconel Muffler Delete, or Crack Pretzel.


Part of the 718 GT4 Street Header/Crack Pretzel Power Package

Get your 718 GT4/Spyder/GTS and GT4RS to sound as it should! Gain Power, Lose Weight and get the sounds you're craving. Combine the sound of the crack pretzel with the added power of the Street Headers for the ultimate 718 experience.

The Inconel Megaphone Muffler Delete "Crack Pretzel" is a no compromises muffler delete for your 718 GT4, GTS or Spyder. Lightweight, powerful and LOUD! Made from thin-wall 625 Inconel, the CrackPretzel is the cousin to our infamous CrackPipe for the GT3 platform. This system saves 35 pounds over the factory muffler. ONLY works with Dundon Headers or Dundon over-axle pipes. This was done to maximize performance and ensure that awesome sound you love! Listen to it here:



From our blog post on the 718 GT4 Street Headers: This is a complete replacement from the cylinder head to the factory muffler and is comprised of three pieces per side: the exhaust manifold (header), the over-axle pipes (which contain the catalyst), and the muffler adapter. The reason this is only offered as a complete kit (and not individual components) is that our system was optimized for producing horsepower (using stock mounting locations limited power gains). All components are made from mandrel-bent, TIG-welded 321 stainless steel. These connect using gasketed v-bands for easy install and a complete seal. https://blog.dundonmotorsports.com/718-gt4-street-headers Hear it for yourself: 


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