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Dramatically improve rear end grip at speed with our Valkyrie swan neck wing.  The wing and full aero kit were designed in CFD to greatly improve the vehicle's performance around the track.  The wing alone has the ability to dramatically reduce lap times (2.5 seconds at Thunderhill, 3.3 seconds at Laguna Seca on a relatively stock GT4 at 4 degrees AOA) and installs like the OEM wing.


Construction on the rear wing is the same of that in Motorsport; as it is built by a Motorsport wing provider in the U.S.A.  The uprights are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and were FEA analyzed to ensure strength was kept high while weight was minimized.

  • Exclusive Benefits:
    • CFD Optimized Airfoil
      • Highly Efficient (Great L/D)
      • 15 Total Adjustment Angles (-1 to 14 degrees)
    • Lightweight and High Strength
    • Capable of generating and handling over 700lbs of downforce at 120MPH
    • Swan Neck Design for Improved Efficiency from the Wing Element
    • OEM Bolt-On Install