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The PFC Ultimate Brake Kit for your Porsche. Using the same technology found on the Porsche Motorsport 991 GT3 Cup platform.


Motorsport is a great platform not only to push boundaries but to develop high performance components which can then be applied to mixed use street vehicles. PFC Brakes has been in the braking business for years, supplying many manufacturers including Porsche with brake packages for GT3 R, GT3 Cup and GT4 Cayman Clubsport programs. 



The intention behind the Track Day Package for Porsche applications is to offer the best in braking technology and performance to those who are looking to upgrade their Porsche. These braking system utilize technology derived from  Porsche GT3 Cup race cars. These are bolt-on systems specifically for the road going GT3, GT3 RS and GT2 RS cars as well as GT4, Turbo and Carrera platforms. (992, 991, 981, 718, 997, 996) 



  • Forged Monobloc Calipers featuring PFC Zero Drag Technology
    • Proprietary metallurgy specified designed for high strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures
    • Nickel Plated 6-Piston and 4-piston Calipers
    • Ventilated titanium piston caps for reduced heat transfer from pad to caliper
  • PFC V3 Disks with Zero Failure Technology
    • Unique Rotor and Hat interface, eliminating most hardware. The elimination of hardware reduces weight, complexity, and installation time PFC metallurgy specified for high thermal stability and mechanical strength
    • 48 vane geometry engineered for increased air flow
    • Patented slot pattern for increased initial bit and pad surface conditioning
    • Lightweight forged hard anodized aluminum hat
  • PFC CarbonMetallic Brake Pads
    • Low compressibility
    • High modulation
    • Fade resistant
    • Meet and exceed all copper free initiatives


The track day packages for Porsche applications come in two configurations and offer the following benefits: 

  • The 405 Sport+ package with 405mm (15.6”) diameter front discs for 19 or 20” wheels (Replacement for iron or PCCB brakes)
  • The 380 Sport package with 380mm (15.0”) front discs for 18” wheels (Replacement for iron or PCCB brakes)
    • Both packages are equipped with 380mm (15.0”) rear discs, which retain OE parking brake functionality.
    • Calipers are engineered to be direct replacement for Porsche street vehicles. Wheel fitment verification required. May not fit all OE wheels. Customer responsible for clearance verification. 
    • PFC’s new track day packages are balanced to work with standard OE ABS, traction control, and Porsche Stability Management
    • Both packages are designed to fit both, the Porsche Street center lock or standard wheel studs
    • High performance street (PFC 64) or race (PFC 11) compounds are available to accommodate the needs of different driving styles and usage profiles
  • Saves 27+ lbs over stock steel brakes, only +10lb more than PCCB
  • Includes calipers, rotors, pads & hardware for front and rear axle. Everything you need!