MCS 2way Remote Reservoir Suspension with Quick Disconnect (2007-2011 GT3/GT3RS)


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Want to go faster without trying so hard? You need better support from your dampers. Feel every nuance of the car coming into apex, a little breath off the throttle and the car points in. It's these small moments that make driving magical.


Set 2W Porsche 997 (Quick Disconnects Front and Rear)

SHW 60mm Porsche 997 (2W+3W)

Assembly Camber Plate Porsche 986/987/996/997 Front with bushings for 14mm

shaft pin

Assembly Bearing Plate Porsche 996/997 Rear - 12mm pin

Reservoir Mounting Kit

Swift 60mm Helper Spring - 84lbs rate, 2.3" free length, 0.8" compressed length

(includes helper/main spring coupler)

Swift Thrust Sheet - 60mm (one axle)

Swift Main Spring 60mm - 11kg/mm - 616lb/in

Swift Main Spring 60mm - 14kg/mm - 784lb/in