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  Got a Porsche with Center Lock wheels? Tired of asking a buddy to hold the brake pedal or carrying bulky tools to change wheels? This is the tool for you!   Hytorc has been making industrial bolting solutions for over 50 years. With applications ranging from Nuclear Power Plants to Wind Turbines, Hytorc's dedication to quality and precision are a perfect compliment to your Porsche.     


Dundon + HYTORC = Game Changer! Swap wheels on your center-lock equipped Porsche (or non-Porsche, for that matter) without any other tools (or people)! 


A couple of key details that set this apart from other manufacturers:

  • This is the same method the factory uses to install and torque your centerlocks during assembly.  Including carbon wheel turbo S exclusives.
  • This is NOT an Impact Gun. Why does that matter? An Impact gun delivers high torque with hammer-like blows. An Impact Gun does not deliver a measured torque value. It hammers the fastener on “hard” without any accuracy. Impact guns are strictly prohibited from being used on Porsche road car center-lock nuts, as they can damage the nuts/threads.
  • The HYTORC LION (Lithium Ion) is a precision electric bolting system. It is pre-programmed with software specific to Porsche applications and provides smooth, precise torque application. No 6-foot torque wrench or torque multiplier needed!
  • Comes with a bespoke lever arm to keep the wheel in place during removal and installation of the lug nut. This removes any need for holding the brake pedal/steering wheel, making one-person wheel changes quick and easy!
  • The LION Gun can be manually operated to applications up to 700 ft-lbs.
  • Uses stock lug nuts and socket.
  • Use for Cup Center locks with a ¾“ to 1” socket adapter,  the gun torques in both directions!

See it in action below!




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*Image is reversed due to the forward facing camera*


See the you tube of the wheel install at 27:24