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Limited Slip Differential for Porsche G96/G97 and G50 transaxles. Holinger have spent many years supplying Porsche with O.E. sequential gearbox parts and have been involved in officially servicing their racing transmissions. We have become very familiar with the potential weaknesses in the differential area and have created the ultimate solution. We are proud to finally release our dedicated racing LSD for this application.


  •  Multiple Ramp-Angle options including custom designs.  Contact us for more info
  • Break-Away Torque easily adjusted by a range Belleville springs rather than shims.
  • 20 Friction-Faces.
  • Loose fit side bearings allowing quick and precise Crown Wheel position adjustment. We have taken great care to precisely grind bearing journal sizes where bearings can be fitted by hand without a puller or press. The surface of the bearing's shim rests against is continuous and smooth, with no cut- outs which could leave marks or lead to damage on the shims.
  • The differential housing splits at a new location away from the major load paths, strengthening and stiffening the area under the Crown-Wheel, addressing the fatigue cracking in the OEM unit.
  • Housings are made from the same steel and case hardened heat treatment process from which we make our racing-gears, giving it a superb fatigue life.
  • End cover is held captive with the world's best ARP fasteners with fine threads allowing maximum clamping capacity.
  • Side and Pinion gears with Billet CNC milled tooth-forms featuring carefully chosen root radii and pressure angles to resist extreme shock loading and provide ultimate fatigue life.
  • Clutch plates are of a fine-spline design eliminating the cracking which occurred on the OEM plates. The fine-spline outer plates allow the housing to be more compact and lightweight, with minimum stress concentration.
  • Unique LASER cut oil passages are cut into the clutch plates allowing excess oil to escape with a clear path way. They also act as lubrication pockets to ensure the wet clutch is always offered the orrect amount of oil resulting in predictable friction characteristics.
  • Cross is precision ground with a specially shaped hub for extra rigidity.
  • Housing Incorporates a specially shaped positive oil capture and lubrication feed taking advantage of its centrifugal force.
  • Stub axles are lubricated with quad helix grooves.
  • Professional Installation Require


Feel free to send us your transmission and we will give you a quote for installation!