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Dramatically improve rear end grip at speed with our GT4RS Valkyrie swan neck wing.  The wing and full aero kit were designed in CFD to greatly improve the vehicle's performance around the track.  The wing alone has the ability to dramatically reduce lap times (2 seconds on 2min tracks depending on the driver).  Carbon Fiber Pre preg construction including the wing uprights!


Our Valkyrie Carbon Fiber Swan Neck Wing package for the 718 GT4RS helps bring much-needed downforce to the GT4RS platform. The three dimensional design (including the end plates) makes the wing incredibly efficient, adding downforce with minimal drag penalty.

  • Full pre-preg Carbon Fiber construction (INCLUDING the uprights!)
  • 16-way Adjustable from -2° to 13° Angle of Attack (AoA)
  • Combines perfectly with Dual Carbon Dive Planes at low AoA (0° - 4°) 
  • Utilize the full power of the wing when paired with our Valkyrie Carbon Splitter - Full kit has 4X the downforce of a stock GT4RS!