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We've been searching for a quality close ratio gear set for the GT4 and found it in Holinger, the manufacturer of gears for Porsche Racing! No modifications to the gear box, direct fit, splined synchros (no more 3rd gear failures) and lower ratios to keep you in the power band!


Holinger PG81 Gearset Features:

• Ratios optimized for fast road, track day, and racing use.

• Reinforced gears are made from superior VAR nickel alloy with strength-focused tooth profiles.

• New gears are direct replacements and require no gearbox modifications.

• Synchro dog-rings are splined to the gear - this prevents ring-detachment failure that has been

known to occur in standard GT4 gearboxes (see close-up image below).

• All gear teeth are profile-ground after heat treatment, ensuring the most accurate engagement

and tooth finish - resulting in quiet, more efficient running.