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Lightweight, strong, easy to install and adjust, our Titanium Tie Rod ends take your GT-car's handling and steering feel to the next level!


When dialing in a track setup on modern GT Porsches, increasing negative camber is a great way to improve front grip and extend tire life. However, the stock tie rods limit how much camber is possible. Dundon Motorsports' Titanium Extended Length Tie Rod ends offer adjustable rods with extended length threads to allow for a more aggressive track alignment without the risk of too-little threads attaching to the steering rack. 


Titanium rod construction keeps unsprung weight down to improve steering feel and performance. We also use high-quality rod-ends, ARP high-strength bolts and spherical bearings paired with a 2-bolt titanium pinch clamp for easy install and adjustment.


Fits all:

996 GT3/RS

997 GT3/RS

997 GT2/RS

991 GT3/RS

981 GT4

991 GT2RS

982/718 GT4/RS

992 GT3