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Dial in your 992 GT3 and GT3RS alignment with ease and simplicity.   Includes 12 eccentric lock washers/shims.


Make adjusting the alignment and setup on your 992 GT3 and GT3RS simple and easy with our eccentric lock washers/shims. These are sized and drilled with eccentric holes to make the adjustment of the upper control arm eccentric predictable and easy. No fighting to line things up, simply install the correct shim to hit your alignment target and go!



  • 0mm offset shim - Qty 2
  • 1mm offset shim - Qty 2
  • 2mm offset shim - Qty 2
  • 3mm offset shim - Qty 2
  • 4mm offset shim - Qty 2
  • 5mm offset shim - Qty 2