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Why do you need adjustable sway bar end links? To ensure perfect corner-balance and zero pre-load on your sway bars with Dundon Motorsports' NEW adjustable sway bar end link set (front & rear).   When your 991 GT3 or GT3RS is corner-balanced or even just sit in it to drive on track, it will put pre-load on the sway bar because the stock end links are not adjustable. This adds additional spring load to one corner of the car, creating an imbalance from left to right. Our adjustable anti roll bar end links ensure there is no pre-load on the sway bar, and that your car is predictable and friendly on the road and the track!

Dundon's Adjustable Sway Bar End Links meet the highest quality standards. We built these using the best rod-ends and spherical bearings in the industry (FK) alongside proper motorsport design concepts (like pinch bolts). Anodized billet aluminum ensures high strength and light weight. These end links fit perfectly, are easy to install and adjust and will last a lifetime.