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Upgrade your car's handling with DSC! This revolutionary device turns your passive PASM system into an active suspension system with multiple personalities. The DSC module monitors acceleration, brake application, G forces, and many other parameters to tune your car's handling in milliseconds.


Great for track cars as we can build a custom map for the shocks for each track you go to, no more fiddling with knobs or trying various settings only to end up frustrated.  We can log the cars performance and make changes to your dampers settings so they dynamically adjust!


Available for:

997 (need to add an accelerometer for non-Turbo cars) Carrera, Turbo, GT3, GT3RS

987 (need to add an accelerometer) Cayman/Boxster, Cayman/Boxster S, Cayman R, Boxster Spyder


Also available for 996, 993 and 964 applications call for details!


Check out our blog article and video for more info



997/987 DSC Control Module

PlugNPlay v13


Accelerometer (necessary for 987/997.1 non turbo cars)