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Based off our work on the 981 GT4/Spyder platform, the familiar 3.8L flat-6 is also found in the 991.1 Carrera S/4S. After finding huge gains on the GT4, we had to dive in to the 911 to see what could be found!


Comprised of our Intake Runners, Long Tube Headers and catted, valved rear section, topped off with a Cobb Accessport and Pro Tune, the Dundon D4 Power Package takes your 991.1 Carrera S/4S to the next level of performance! 


Dive Deeper: 


  • Dundon Race Headers - Tuned primary size and length aids in suction wave strength giving our headers the most power. 321 Stainless, fully purged TIG welded construction and a lifetime warranty
  • Dundon Rear Section - our high-flow 200 CSPI catalytic converters and exhaust valves help your Carrera S remain civil in the neighborhood, but scream in the canyons.
  • Dundon Intake Runners - Directing and timing the pressure waves coming into and leaving the engine is what we do, the Dundon Intake Runners show this and enable large gains, carrying power all the way to redline, where the stock intake runners fall flat.
  • Cobb Accessport with Dundon Pro Tune - The standard for handheld tuning devices, allows logging, flashing and converting back to stock with ease (you can even resell it later to another 911 owner). Add the Dundon Special Sauce and you've got a potent combo!


Dyno results and sound clips coming soon!