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Add Power and great sound and experience your Porsche’s true capabilities with the Dundon Power Package. Intentionally designed to bring big power with and distinct sound we all love, this kit is perfectly tailored to add more muscle, better sound, and increased performance to your specific GT car.   CAUTION! If your engine is in poor health, this Power Package will expose any issues lurking within. We recommend installing these kits on healthy engines only. No returns for any issues caused by an engine in poor condition. Compression and Leak Down testing prior to install is recommended!


Package Includes:

  • Street Headers (w/ cats)
  • Cobb AP w/ Pro Tune
  • 997 GT3 Intake Manifold w/ 93mm Throttle Body


The Dundon Street headers by itself give a huge improvement to performance and the overall sound of the system, combined with the Cobb AP Pro Tune this will bring an even bigger improvement in the performance all around but especially in the mid range. This performance increase is even further optimized with the increased air volume with the engineered Dundon Resonance Intake Manifold with a larger throttle body of 93mm, exponentially bigger compared to stock 82mm.


Base package is fantastic as is, but we would all like better! This package comes with even more optimizing options.


Optional Items

  • Dundon Lifetime Muffler (Quiet or Loud, your choice of tips)
  • Dundon Dual Cone Carbon Fiber Air Intake


The optional items are all about giving your vehicle that little push of improvement that can separate yourself from others.


Our lifetime mufflers are all about well… longevity! A lifetime guarantee even including track use allows you to have worry free use while giving you two different sounds depending on your preference. The Quiet is for those customers looking for no drone* while cruising and to quiet the car at full boogie to attenuate some of the dB levels on the track or on the street.  The Loud is the muffler for those looking for no drone* at cruise, but a pronounced bark when getting on it!


The two two tip options are all about what flavor of sound you're looking for!


Not to sell you too much, but remember that intake system included with the package? The one with the bigger throttle body? Well optimize that size with the lighter and larger carbon fiber airbox! Just with the headers you can see an increase of 8-10 whp.