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Add Power and great sound and experience your Porsche’s true capabilities with the Dundon Power Package. Intentionally designed to bring big power with and distinct sound we all love, this kit is perfectly tailored to add more muscle, better sound, and increased performance to your specific GT car.


40lbft and 40whp gains

The Dundon Power Package for 991.1 911R Includes:

Dundon 321Stainless Long Tube Street Headers

93mm Center Plenum and 93mm Throttle Body Kit 

991.2 GT3 Touring Airbox

Optional Lifetime Muffler with PVD Black or Ti Tips, in Loud or Quiet configurations


We work on helping the naturally aspirated GT cars find power. The Touring and 911R was a particular challenge due to the lack of ram air.

Porsche recognized this fact and gave the Touring a different airbox from the Winged GT3 and from the 911R (doesn't fit on the winged GT3, knew you were gonna ask... ;)

991.2 GT3 (clubblau)  with Street Headers on.

So we went about finding power on the Touring...

991.2 GT3 Touring, Street Headers, Lifetime Muffler and 93mmTB/Center Plenum with Touring Airbox adapter

The kit is pretty simple, Street Headers and our 93mm TB and Center Plenum with an adapter for the Stock Touring Airbox. We tested vs our airbox and ours is better, but only from 7000 rpm up and only 6-8 whp, if we had better ram air like on the RS or Winged GT3 we would want our airbox in there for sure. As we work to further improve the power of these wonderful cars (and there is more coming...), our airbox will likely be needed but for now, the benefit isn't worth the expense in our opinion. Let's get some testing done and get some of you some POWER!

Real World Results:

Temps and altitude also come into play for these results...

GT3 (GT3 Touring Frog) was the first up with data before 60-130 times with just race headers.

Before 93mm Plenum and Throttle Body Kit


After 93mm Center Plenum and Throttle Body Kit

A Before of 9.52 seconds and after of 8.57 seconds shows the car really likes the extra air!

Next up was local customer Francis with his 991.2 GT3 Touring. Car came to us with valved side deletes so had already lost 40lbs, but no power gains, and went with the Street Header Power Package. Francis was also kind enough to make some nice videos...

At the Drags in Bremerton Washington:


His Dragy Sheets

1/4 Mile Before (no Launch control)


1/4 Mile Before 991.2 GT3 Touring, No Launch Control

1/4 Mile After Dundon Street Headers and 93mm Throttle Body Kit, 991.2 GT3 Touring Manual No Launch Control


1/4 Mile 991.2 GT3 Touring, No Launch Control, After Dundon Street Headers and 93mm Throttle Body.

Just for fun and to correlate a bit of what we see on the dyno grabbed a Trap speed to HP calculator and estimated the Touring at 3600lbs with driver and fluids (got the stock number about 500hp... and yes I know 3600lbs is likely a bit high...)

Here's the site to play with it, simple physics calculator:


121.19mph = 500.1 HP for 3600lb car

Used the same calculator for 124.76mph trap speed

124.76 = 545.6HP for a 3600lb car

The difference gives us 45.5HP gains at the crank. A bit more than what we calculated on the dyno, but we expected a bit more with cool temps and a bit of ram air.