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Add Power and great sound and experience your Porsche’s true capabilities with the Dundon Power Package. Intentionally designed to bring big power with and distinct sound we all love, this kit is perfectly tailored to add more muscle, better sound, and increased performance to your specific GT car.  


Intake Kit


The 93mm Throttle Body has 28.6% more area than the 82mm throttle body, while the Dual Reverse Cone Air Filter box adds 380% more filter area to reduce pressure drop and Increase Horsepower!


*NOTE* - ONLY the 991.1 GT3RS (2016 model year) requires an ECU tune to run this intake package.


Street Headers

We were able to keep all of the things that people love about our race headers:

  • less weight
  • more power,
  • great sound,
  • quiet when you want it to be
  • no drone
  • lifetime structural warranty
  • 100% 30day money back guarantee
    • if you try it and don't like it, send it back we'll give you your money back!
  • Convertible to no cats with the swappable test pipes for track days (available separately).

We use 321SS (a superior grade of Stainless steel to the cheaper 304SS) and use a metal core spiral wound 200CPSI catalytic converter.  All our products are mfg in the USA in our shop in Gig Harbor, WA.

The Dundon Street Headers on 991.2 GT3

477whp Peak 

20-25whp gains at 8200-8500 rpm

40lbft-46lbft gains at 3000-5000 rpm


Optional Lifetime Center Muffler


We're happy to announce our GT3RS Lifetime Center Muffler.  It's available in 2 "flavors" Quiet and Loud.  The Quiet is for those customers looking for no drone* while cruising and to quiet the car at full boogie to attenuate some of the dB levels on the track or on the street.  The Loud is the muffler for those looking for no drone* at cruise, but a pronounced bark when getting on it!


We've tested the Quiet on a 991 GT3 with side muffler deletes that was 104dB before the muffler and passing a 90dB day after .  We've tested on a stock 991 GT3RS and the car passed where it hadn't previously. And we tested on a 997.2 GT3 that had not passed at Laguna and passed a 90dB day.  We've recorded the Orange GT3 Center Muffler in our own testing at 10-12dB reduction over the OEM GT3 Muffler.  All of the testing was done on cars WITHOUT GPS Exhaust flap closing devices.

Lifetime Guaranteed including track use.

321 Stainless Steel coupled with a high strength design.

Quiet has no power loss (up to 450whp engines), sounds great and reduces sound levels 10-12dB over stock.

Loud less restriction on higher powered cars (>450whp) and wicked flat six waiil!

4" rolled exhaust tips in PVD Black are Standard.  Titanium Tips are optional!  Add our Nurburgring Quiet Tips to further quiet your car down!

Direct replacement of the OEM muffler, will fit existing modification if they work with the OEM Center Muffler.

OEM 63mm or 3" lower inlet sizing for increased flow.