MCS 2way/3way/4way Remote Reservoir Suspension WITH Front-Axle Lift (997.2 GT3/GT3RS)


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Want to go faster without trying so hard? You need better support from your dampers. Feel every nuance of the car coming into apex, a little breath off the throttle and the car points in. It's these small moments that make driving magical.

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MCS Damper Set 2W/3W/4W Porsche 997 (Quick Disconnects Front and Rear)

Pneumatic Lift Cup 997/991 w/ Spring perch

New air lines for FAL

Optional Assembly Camber Plate Porsche 997 Front with bushings for 14mm shaft pin

Assembly Bearing Plate Porsche 997 Rear - 12mm pin

Reservoir Mounting Kit

Swift 60mm Helper Spring (includes helper/main spring coupler)

Swift Main Springs 60mm - front & rear (standard rates are 700lb/900lb but can be tailored, reach out to discuss your needs)

Optional PASM Delete Module (required unless the ECU is re-coded)