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We're honored to be the exclusive partner of Motion Control Suspension bringing true motorsports dampers to the 991 GT3. 


For a long time you had to sacrifice your street drivability if you wanted to upgrade to a motorsports damper. No longer! Our Dundon-spec MCS 3-Way dampers improve your GT3's already formidable handling, while adding adjustability and forgiveness. We help make the car easier to drive at the limit and at the same time take that limit further.


This is a comprehensive package that comes pre-assembled for a hassle-free install. We have tailored two spring packages depending on your use case. Track Springs for drivers looking to improve their track performance, but also maintain a street-friendly attitude. Our Race Spring option gives the car more support needed when using stickier tires (like a Hoosier or Racing Slick) and enhanced aerodynamics.


Kit includes:

Dundon-spec MCS 2-Way or 3-Way Adjustable Remote Damper System

4 Main Springs (Track rates or Race rates)

4 Tender Springs
Install Hardware Kit
Front & Rear Bearing Plates (upper mounts)

New Front-Axle Lift Cups
Reservoir Mounting Kits

KW PASM Delete Kit


Talk to us about adding an E-motion Engineering Suspension Arm package to complete your suspension overhaul!