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Clone - an exact copy of the original. In our case we're talking about taking the fear and anxiety out of having a tune on your GT car and extracting and tailoring the ecu to take the most advantage of your modifications in a safe and professional way!


What is a "Cloned ECU".  At it's core it's an exact copy that the car can't tell is not the original, sounds easy, copy and paste have been around for about 25 years, but in this instance not so simple.  The ecu wizards at M-Engineering, the same brains behind Cobb's Porsche suite of products, Private tuner for many a Porsche Pike's Peak Victory and accolades too many to mention partnered with us to bring to market something truly special.  

By physically taking the Original Stock ECU out of the car and putting it on the shelf it can remain untouched for future use.


As if the Clone wasn't enough, M-Engineering tuning suite for the 991 GT cars includes:

  • 3 map slots switchable in the car live while its running
    • Stock Slot
    • Race Gas
    • Overrun Burbles (an adult version of pops and bangs tuning...)
    • E85 tuning (this is NOT flex fuel so the tank has to be drained)
    • E30 tuning (this is NOT flex fuel so the tank has to be drained)
    • Valet
    • All configurable by you!
  • PDK tuning to eliminate the insanely low shift points in automode