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992 GT3 Valkyrie Carbon Splitter! Complete your Dundon 992 GT3 Aero Package with the Valkyrie Carbon Splitter Our Carbon Splitter adds the front downforce needed to really take advantage of the Valkyrie Swan Neck Rear Wing. With the 992 GT3 Splitter added to a car running our Dual dive planes and Valkyrie wing a total of 885lbs of downforce at 120mph, a 550lb increase over the car stock is easily achieved Full Carbon Fiber Construction Brackets that attach to the frame rail and chassis of the car Simple installation and removal 4 bolts and its on and off! Diffusers, Vortex Generators and End Plates all Developed in Wind Tunnel Validated Computational Fluid Dynamics Shaped to take advantage of ground effects to promote more down force and less drag: Full Kit is less drag than the Valkyrie Wing and Dive planes alone with much more downforce. The Package is made to increase front downforce when the car is in Roll and Yaw, bringing the balance of pressure forward to help attack apexes with ease! 885lbs* Downforce at 120mph 550lbs more downforce than the car stock at maximum wing angle *Ride height of 90mm, minimal rake and a Valkyrie Wing Angle of Attack (AoA) of 5* out of 14*