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Get Better than 992 GT3RS Aero Performance on your 992 GT3. Focusing on your Porsche 911 Aerodynamics just as the factory did on the 992 GT3RS will really help the car be planted and more confidence inspiring on road and track. Designed using Wind Tunnel Validated CFD and rigorously tested, the Dundon Complete Aero Package gives your 992 GT3 more downforce and the driver more confidence to go faster. Making the car faster and easier to drive fast: Take it from our customer, Amit P.  "I went 3 seconds faster compared to my last times, and it felt more effortless. Like I didn't change much with my own driving, just went out there as normal and the confidence in it just made that extra time."


The Complete Dundon aero package for the 992 GT3 was designed to increase downforce while minimizing the drag coefficient. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allowed us to make a complete package, swan neck wing, dual carbon dive planes and front carbon splitter tailored to the shapes of Porsches 911's, Caymans and 911 Cups. 


A one size fits all approach may work a little bit, but is not optimized for your 992 GT3


The Complete Valkyrie Aero Package gives over 1500lbs of downforce at 160mph, almost 1000lbs more than a stock 992 GT3 at maximum settings. All this at mild settings of 90mm ride height and 5* wing angle. 


While absolute numbers are great, where things count for aero isn't at 160 or 200mph. The real noticeable difference is found between 80-120mph. This is generally the speed you are trying to turn the car and want your aerodynamics to really help you.   


This is where our package really shines with 885lbs of downforce at 120mph, 550lbs more than stock at maximum settings


The Complete Valkyrie Aero Package includes:

  • Valkyrie Swan Neck Wing 
  • Dual Carbon Dive Planes 
  • Full Carbon Splitter


Every Detail of the package was refined and designed to work together Look at the 100% Carbon Wing Ends for instance. Ours are 3 dimensional, with flowing prepreg carbon contours and cutouts to aid in vortex generation to further improve the Valkyrie wings performance. All of this leads to a faster more planted car and a more confident driver.


The wing risers or wing uprights for our package are unique to the package as well. Taller and farther back that stock, very close to what a 992 GT3 Cup wings position. The uprights along with substantial reinforcement to the upright supports, and chassis set this kit apart! Think the stock uprights can support substantial downforce increases? Think again... 


The Full Carbon Splitter is reinforced real prepreg carbon fiber, not plastic. 

  • Brackets that attach to the frame rail and chassis of the car 
  • Simple installation and removal 4 bolts and its on and off, no cutting or hole-drilling required 
  • Diffusers, Vortex Generators and End Plates all Developed in Wind Tunnel Validated Computational Fluid Dynamics 
  • Shaped to take advantage of ground effects to promote more down force and less drag: Full Kit is less drag than the Valkyrie Wing and Dive planes alone with much more downforce. 

The Package is made to increase front downforce when the car is in Roll and Yaw, bringing the balance of pressure forward to help attack apexes with ease! 


You must upgrade your suspension for the full package.  Our MCS 3-way suspension package is the perfect addition, is setup, tested and ready to go!  


Check the Pictures and Shoot us a message, call or email for more info! The 992 GT3 Complete Valkyrie Aero Package will transform your 992 GT3.