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Less weight, more power, great sound, no drone, and no CEL. This is the Dundon Long Tube Street Header Exhaust. 


Dundon Street (Catted) Long Tube header and valved side delete exhaust system for the 991 GT3RS and 911R are available now!  

  • less weight
  • more power,
  • great sound,
  • quiet when you want it to be
  • no drone
  • lifetime structural warranty
  • No CEL
  • 100% 30day money back guarantee
    • if you try it and don't like it, send it back we'll give you your money back).


We use 321SS (a superior grade of Stainless steel to the cheaper 304SS) and use a metal core spiral wound 200CPSI catalytic converter.  All our products are made in the USA in our shop in Gig Harbor, WA.

By routing the primaries up and positioning the catalytic converter more vertical we were able to retain 99% of the primary length of the race system. This is how we are able to achieve 25whp gains on the 991.2 GT3, 30whp gains on the 991.1 GT3 and 32whp on the 991.1GT3RS.  This is the most power from a catted 991.2 GT3,  991.1 GT3 Exhaust, 991.1 GT3RS Exhaust or 911R Exhaust system.

The Dundon Street Headers on 991 GT3RS and 911R make
445whp Peak
32whp at 8400rpm
29lbft, 24whp gains at 4478rpm


The 991.1 GT3 and RS with the catted system shows it's emissions based camshaft tuning for about 5100-6000rpm area. This stock tuning flattens the power delivery for about 400rpms and then climbs quickly starting at 5400rpm. This is completely fixable with a tune, but understand that many will not want a tune.

You get everything you love about the Dundon Race Headers, 321 SS construction, industry leading power, lifetime structural warranty, and 100% money back guarantee, if you try it and don't like it, send it back we'll give you your money back!


991 GT3RS 911R Dundon Street (Catted) 445whp peak

991 GT3RS Dundon Street (Catted) 445whp

991 GT3RS 911R Dundon Street (Catted) 29lbft and 24whp at 4478rpm

991 GT3RS Dundon Street (Catted) 29lbft and 24whp

991 GT3RS 911R Dundon Street (Catted) 32whp max gains

991 GT3RS Street (Catted) 32whp max gains

The Street Headers are only about 0.5" shorter than our Race Headers. To fit everything we had to go up into the wheel well where the side mufflers sit. Only way to get the length required for real power gains...

As you can see to get the length we wanted we had to go up, anything that can bolt up to the stock location is leaving power on the table...

Video from the dyno so you can see and hear the awesomeness! You also get a good shot of how the headers are routed with the wheel off!