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Bring your 3.4L Boxster or Cayman to the next level with our Intake Runners. When combined with our race headers and custom tune, you'll see gains of 60+hp and 40+trq at the wheels!

Technical Description
Using science and engineering to increase performance is what we do. The Dundon 981 3.4L Intake Runners are no exception. Through careful design of the intake runner geometry we were able to add horsepower and broaden the torque band. Add our already potent race headers and tune for the complete D4 Power Package! Please note: these must be combined with a tune of some kind. See our Cobb Accessport with ProTune here https://www.dundonmotorsports.com/products/981-cayman-boxster-s-gts-3-4l-cobb-accessport-with-dundon-pro-tune