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Let your 718 GT4RS breathe with a larger 93mm Throttle Body and Center Plenum! Scroll down for more details.  


In testing the 991.2 GT3 and RS we found the air intake to be restrictive, the 718 GT4RS shares a VERY similar engine architecture and the restriction at the throttle body is no different.  With the addition of the larger 93mm Throttle Body and Center Plenum you can allow the car to breathe better.  


Kit Includes:

Big Mouth GT4RS-specific Center Plenum

93mm Throttle Body

GT4RS Airbox Adapter

Adapter Harness


Adds +14whp and +10wtrq OVER our complete Street Header/V11 Muffler exhaust package:



Dyno of FULL D3 Exhaust and Intake package shown below compared to a stock GT4RS, nearly 40whp/trq gains!