718 GT4/GTS/Spyder Inconel Megaphone Muffler Delete "Crack Pretzel"


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Porsche doesn't build a GT4-RSR, but if they did, it would sound like this! Inconel......

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Check out our full instructional video for the crack pretzel on our Help Site:


The Inconel Megaphone Muffler Delete "CrackPretzel" is a no compromises muffler delete for your 718 GT4, GTS or Spyder. Lightweight, powerful and LOUD! Made from thin-wall 625 Inconel, the CrackPretzel is the cousin to our infamous CrackPipe for the GT3 platform. This system saves 35 pounds over the factory muffler. ONLY works with Dundon Headers or Dundon over-axle pipes. This was done to maximize performance and ensure that awesome sound you love!

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