997.1 GT3/RS



Laurent purchased a Dundon Lifetime 321SS Black Muffler to go with his Race Header System and Carbon Dual Cone Intake "At idle, sound is suggestive: not that loud but you feel the engine can tell what he thinks. At low revs and duty, sound is soft. It is even strange how they managed to keep the car that streetable. When you push it... read more

Laurent, Reunion Island

997.1 GT3/RS 997.2 GT3 Dual Cone Single Opening Carbon Fiber Airbox

997.1 GT3/RS and 997.2 GT3 Single Opening Dual Cone Carbon Airbox


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Free up power and add some beauty to your engine bay with the Dundon Motorsports Carbon Fiber Dual Cone Airbox.  We based this design on the fabled 997 4.0L GT3RS.  It features dual conical air filters from the 4.0RS.  In order for you to keep your stock decklid we created a balance pipe in the bottom area of the airbox to allow air to flow to both filters equally. 

On a stock car this airbox will free up about 5-7whp

On a Dundon Race Header equipped car, this airbox is good for about 8-10 whp!

Note Fan Part 997.624.056.05 is required for fitment on cars with the original fan (most of them have been replaced by 997.624.056.05 by now...)  If you need to source it or are unsure, you can order our option that includes a new fan slim line decklid fan from Porsche


Below is the OE fan the car came with.


Below is the upgraded thin line fan:


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