981 GT4/Spyder/Clubsport

Intake Runners, 981/991

Intake Runners add 45whp to 987.2, 981 and 991 3.4L and 3.8L vehicles!


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981 GT4 

Using science and engineering to increase performance is what we do.  The Dundon 981/991 Intake Runners are no exception.  Through careful design of the intake runner geometry we were able to add 30+ peak wheel horsepower on top of our already potent race headers and tune.  By extending the torque curve we increased power substantially all the way to redline, over 100whp gains at 7850rpm over both our headers/tune and stock.


Left Graph is Torque at the Wheels

Right Graph is HP at the Wheels

Bottom Line is Stock GT4

Middle Lines are GT4 with Race Headers and Dundon Pro Tune

Top Lines are GT4 with Race Headers, Tune, Intake Runners (with IPD Plenum/Carrera S Plenum and GT3 TB), GT3 Muffler Over axle pipes, and GT3 Muffler


981 3.4L Results 

Bottom Line was Soul Headers and a Cobb Tune

Top Line is Soul Headers, Dundon Intake Runners, a little bit of Meth.  you can see Peak Gains of 31whp and Max gains of around 45whp or so.  These are results you can feel and the car pulls hard to redline now, not peters out at 6000RPM.  These results are similar for 987.2 3.4L as well.


991.1 Carrera S results:

We tested runners on a 991.1 Carrera S with only a muffler delete (no headers) and added a Cobb Stage 1.

We see similar 30whp peak gains and 45whp max gains and an extension of the power band higher in the RPM range.  If this car had headers it would be pushing the 400whp mark which is 991.1 GT3 territory...



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