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So here is my final review about these Dundon headers: - First of all, these headers are beautiful.... they look so good that I just want to hang them on my wall. A quality product! Comes packaged nicely with a set of K&N filters. - Install by the shop was smooth like a breeze, no fitment issues at all. Took around 2... read more

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GT4 Race Headers

991.2 GT3 Power Package + 47lbft and +38whp!


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We continue to develop and find power in the 991 NA GT Cars as we love the challenge of finding all the little things the accountants made the engineers back off on at the factory.

The 991.1/991.2 GT3RS was firstup, then we did the 991.2 GT3 Touring, Now the 991.2 GT3 (tested a pdk, applies to manuals as well). Next will be the 991.1 GT3 (as soon as the customer can get his car out of his garage due to torn up driveway...).

Some pictures (hit the scroll right arrow to look through them)

Results from a 991.2 GT3 PDK car. *from our testing a manual reads about ~10whp higher as there is less parasitic losses in the manual trans than the PDK. We'll work on getting a Winged Manual car to test, anyone in the NW interested contact us!


Reran the numbers and 47lbft gains max and 38whp gains max with 475whp peak power!

The reason for the street/track testing:

By reducing the pressure losses in the intake and allowing a more "free flow" into the engine the engine makes power two ways. First less engine power is used overcoming the parasitic losses of the stock intake tract. And Second we're able to get more high pressure air to the intake valve to cram in more air into the cylinder. Both of these translate into more power and on a car that uses Ram air to it's advantage (scoops on the decklid), the gains are more than can be measured on a static dyno.

Those that have been following along on the other threads:

Street Headers: $7295
GT3 Dual Cone Airbox: $4495
93mmTB/Center Plenum: $3195
Lifetime Muffler: $4195 (Optional but recommended due to 3" flow path in ours and full X pipe vs 2.5" stock muffler flow path)

Total with discount and no muffler: $14985, less package discount = $14086
Total with discount w/ Lifetime Muffler: $19180, less package discount = $18029

To compare there are full exhaust systems out there that don't provide these gains and cost $14000+


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