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Jamie I am madly in love with my 991 RS with Dundon Race Headers now honestly its transformed. Was out on the track and an instructor friend who had driven it previously drove with the Dundon Race Headers yesterday and got out and said I quote"what have you done to it" read more

Ahmad, UAE
991 GT3RS Race Headers

93mm Throttle Body, Center Plenum Kit

Center Plenum, 93mm Throttle Body and plug and Play wire harness


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In testing the 991.2 GT3 Touring and 991.1 GT3 we found the intake to be restrictive.  With the addition of the larger 93mm Throttle Body and Center Plenum you can allow the car to breath better.  We measure this by comparing the atmospheric pressure outside of the Plenum to the pressure inside the plenum.  Ideally we want no differences.  This change helps reduce pressure losses from about 0.6psi down to 0.1psi when used with the Touring Airbox




This Kit fits 991.1 GT3 and 991.2 GT3 Touring cars and includes an adapter for the Touring Airbox!

Kit Includes

Big Mouth Center Plenum

Touring Airbox Adapter

93mm Throttle Body

Adapter Harness




Joel from Gig Harbor, WA
You will not be disappointed with your decision. Team Dundon and their products are the best industry wide!

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