991.1/991.2 GT3, GT3RS, 911R, Cup,



Laurent purchased a Dundon Lifetime 321SS Black Muffler to go with his Race Header System and Carbon Dual Cone Intake "At idle, sound is suggestive: not that loud but you feel the engine can tell what he thinks. At low revs and duty, sound is soft. It is even strange how they managed to keep the car that streetable. When you push it... read more

Laurent, Reunion Island

93mm Throttle Body, Center Plenum Kit

Center Plenum, 93mm Throttle Body and plug and Play wire harness


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In testing the 991.2 GT3 and RS we found the intake to be restrictive.  With the addition of the larger 93mm Throttle Body and Center Plenum you can allow the car to breath better.  We measure this by comparing the atmospheric pressure outside of the Plenum to the pressure inside the plenum.  Ideally we want no differences.  This change helps reduce pressure losses from about 0.6psi down to 0.1psi when used with our Dual Reverse Cone Airbox.  




This Kit fits 991.1 and 991.2 Winged GT cars (991.1 GT3/RS, 991.2 GT3/RS), The Touring has a slightly different part

Kit Includes

Big Mouth Center Plenum

93mm Throttle Body

Adapter Harness



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