Dundon Motorsports Minute: Measuring Oil Level

Refer to the video below on how to replace your oil and fill to an appropriate level for best performance on track.


Written Guide

No matter the make and model of your vehicle, motor oil is vital. To prevent having your engine breakdown on the side of a Bee Cave road, you need to check your oil level often. If you do not feel comfortable checking the oil yourself, our team would be more than happy to assist you. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with Porsche Austin. Our Service department can help ensure that the quality of your car’s oil is performing as it should.

How to Check Oil in a Porsche

If you’re driving a new Porsche, then you may be surprised to know that there is no physical dipstick for you to check. Instead, you will check your oil with your onboard diagnostic system by following these steps:

  1. Turn on your new Porsche
  2. Use the scroll button on the right-hand side of your steering wheel to the “Vehicle” folder
  3. Click the scroll button to select the “Vehicle” folder
  4. Scroll down to “Oil Level”
  5. Your oil level should be displayed on-screen

How to Check Oil Level in Car: Traditional

If you’re driving an older Porsche model, or if you want to learn how to check the oil level in a car that isn’t a Porsche, the below guide will help you:

  1. Park your vehicle on level ground
  2. Turn your vehicle off
  3. Wait for the engine to cool
  4. Release the latch for the hood
  5. Under the hood, locate the oil dipstick
  6. Remove the dipstick and use a rag to clean the oil off of its end
  7. Put back the dipstick in its tube, and remove it once more
  8. Compare each side of the dipstick to determine the oil level in your car

If your oil mark lands within the cross-hatched area, your engine oil is on-spec. If not, your vehicle needs more oil. You will need to look at your manual to make sure that you use the correct oil. Once you are sure, pour the oil until the dipstick is full.

Why Should You Check Your Car’s Oil Level?

Our community drivers need to change their vehicle’s oil at least twice a year. To keep your car, truck, or SUV working properly, you should check your oil once a month. The oil in your car keeps your vehicle running smoothly. By regularly checking and changing your oil as we recommend here, you will avoid future problems with your vehicle.

Written guide from Porscheaustin.com

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