GT2 & GT3RS Bumper Removal Guide

Refer to the video below for a step-by-step guide to removing your GT3RS or GT2RS bumper.


Written Instructions

Step 1: Remove T-25 screws securing tail lights

Step 2: Remove tail lights and unplug connections

Step 3: Remove black tail light cable

Step 4: Remove T-30 screws for the top of the bumper

Step 5: Remove T-25 screws for GT3RS & GT2RS for inner fender liner

Step 6: Use a pick to remove the connector tabs for the tail lights and unplug cables

Step 7: Remove T-30 silver screws to the right of the tail light position for both sides

Step 8: Lift the car up into the air so that you can properly remove the screws securing the bottom of the bumper

Step 9: Remove T-30 screws securing the bottom of the bumper

Step 10: Lower the car back down to starting height so that the bumper can be pulled off

Step 11: Ensure ALL T-25 screws are removed from inside the fender liner. There was still one secured shown in the video above

Step 12: Get another person to help remove the bumper. Carefully pull the bumper off from both sides; there should be little to no resistance assuming all steps were followed correctly. Make sure to place bumper on a cloth or similar to avoid scratching

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