My exhaust valves aren't working, what do I do?

Pneumatic exhaust valves allow your Porsche to scream while maintaining a street-friendly character. Wonderful they may be, there are a few "gotcha's" when troubleshooting their functionality.

The first thing to do is visually inspect the valves to see if they are operational. You can do this by placing a camera or cell phone under the rear of the car pointing up at the valve section (they are on either side of the center muffler).

Below are a couple of images to show you what the valve actuator rod looks like when the valve is closed and when it is open.


The most common reason the valves are not functioning properly is that a vacuum line has been plugged, kinked or has been detached. 


Another common scenario is when installing our Center Plenum & 93mm Throttle body, the plug for the vacuum solenoids and connects has been left unplugged or plugged into the wrong outlet. Please read those directions carefully if you've recently completed this install.

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