[VIDEO] Adjustment Troubleshooting Guide for Swan Neck Wing

Refer below to our short video addressing any issues you may have installing our Swan Neck Wing to your GT3RS.



To go faster on track you need to corner faster, brake quicker and be able to put the power down more efficiently. This is why efficient aerodynamics are key. You will have more confidence, have more fun on track and set faster lap times effortlessly.

The Swan Neck V1x Wing is the foundation of our 991.1 and 991.2 GT3RS aerodynamics improvement package! 

Double the Downforce of the Stock 991.2 GT3RS and GT2RS Wing at 100mph. 

Check out our YouTube video on the wing:



Make the air do your bidding and improve the aerodynamic performance of your GT3RS. The Carbon Swan Neck Wing Package includes: 

  • Verus V1X Carbon Wing, Swan Neck Wing Mounts With adjustments from 0* angle of attack up to 12* angle of attack you can dial in the exact feel you want. Add dual Dive planes (Ventus 2) or the Carbon Splitter (for 991.1/991.2 GT3RS) to really start dropping lap times!

Graph below is showing the ADDITIONAL downforce over stock for a variety of configurations. Blue line in the middle is the V1x Swan Neck Wing.


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