[VIDEO] What is DSC Sport?

What is DSC Sport?

Dundon is proud to be a dealer for the most revolutionary products for suspension tuning in recent memory.  Porsche's® PASM system is good but it is a passive system meaning that when you hit the button it changes the shock settings and leaves them alone.  The DSC controller dynamically controls the PASM system changing it to an active system.  This is huge!  It means that as the car is recieving data from the road/track the suspension settings can be modified in real time.  The PASM system is good with 50ms reaction times to the controller.  For those looking for more, check out the Tractive DDA dampers, these are world class dampers in their own right, but coupled with the Tractive valving the reaction times are reduced to 6ms.  This allows for more sophisticated control parameters and less predictive based control as used on the stock PASM system.  Take a look at the video for more info! 


From DSC Sport's Website:

Esteemed driver and engineer of TPC Racing, Michael Levitas, founded DSC Sport in 2011 with a vision to advance suspension technology into the digital era. For Levitas, who has an unwavering passion for sports cars and motorsport, track performance and street comfort are not mutually exclusive. For this reason, Levitas set out to engineer a suspension that not only provided optimum track performance, but would do so without sacrificing street comfort.

With championship titles spanning from the 2006 24 Hours of Daytona to the 2013 IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge, Levitas and his team of engineers, technicians, and professional drivers have helped set the bar for suspension engineering across various professional race series over the past decade. Using the race data and knowledge gathered from years of success racing Porsche cup cars, Levitas created an algorithm to control the damping level of each individual shock in virtually real time.

What is DSC Sport?

DSC stands for Dynamic Suspension Control. Using an algorithm developed out of years of professional race data, DSC adjusts the damping level of each individual shock in virtually real time. The result is an active suspension setup that provides more grip to the tire, greater stability and ride control, and increased comfort for all driving styles and road conditions.

DSC Sport allows drivers to custom tune their suspension by creating various tuning maps within the DSC Sport Tuning Software. Users may wish to create custom maps for specific tracks or roads, unique rain set ups, or to improve compatibility with other aftermarket products and vehicle setups.